Easter Greetings from the President of the Republic Zoran Milanović

04. April 2021.

This year again the faithful are expecting the most important Christian feast of Easter facing the challenge, not only in Croatia but throughout the world, put forth by the pandemic and its associated threats endangering first of all the health, the social security and the peace of our citizens.

At this difficult and challenging time, Easter should remind us of the most important religious and general secular principles – good, communion and love for one’s neighbour. It should strengthen the faith of all the Christian faithful and their hope in the victory of light and a new beginning. The Easter holidays have always been a time to face one’s own decisions, a time to reflect on one’s deeds and actions.

Let us recognize and accept the principles of good, communion and love as a universal way of life and a path to a better tomorrow. Let this most important Christian feast encourage us to enhance the values of solidarity especially among our fellow citizens who are in need during this challenging time. I wish you peaceful holidays filled with joy and happiness with your family and friends.

I wish a happy and blessed Easter to everyone in Croatia and abroad who celebrate the most important Christian feast of Easter according to the Gregorian calendar!