President Milanović in Zadar: When it comes to Croatian interests, let’s try to come to an agreement

24. November 2022.

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović today attended a special session of the Zadar City Council, where he extended congratulations on the occasion of Municipal Day and the Feast of Saint Chrysogonus to the city’s residents and leaders, telling them to be persistent and ambitious. “Stand firm when it comes to your interests, and when it comes to Croatian interests, let’s try to come to an agreement,” he emphasized.

In his address at the event, President Milanović said that he was pleased with the information he received on Zadar’s revenues and budget. “I heard that the revenues stand at 350 million kunas and the budget is 750 million kunas – that’s good news. This means that the city of Zadar is among the Croatian cities that are particularly successful in this business. Capitalize on that money so that it really is converted into capital and put to use, in order to make visible that which cannot be seen. These are long-term, arduous projects that citizens very often do not see and do not think about when they decide at the polls,” said the President.

In this regard, President Milanović highlighted EU funds as the main discussion topic, saying that he evaluates Croatian towns and municipalities exclusively by how well they use up EU funds. “That is a topic above all conversation topics – so that we are aware of who and what we are, how much we are benefiting from what we have engaged in, and we have engaged in something that is a conscious renunciation of a good part of our national state sovereignty. This is something that people fought for thirty years ago in order to live well and to manage their own finances,” said President Milanović, congratulating the people of Zadar on a job well done.

“Our independence and the kunas – euros from the New Year – that we earn is what defines us and positions us in relation to others, and positions our independence in relation to others, and I see that independence as an alliance and never as vassalage,” said President Milanović, adding that he embraces this notion, which is his job description. “It is a limiting factor that every national and local politician must adhere to: that ‘mine’ and ‘my community’ come first, followed by the general things. We, Europeans in the EU, are very different from each other. If we readily negate this diversity, we will do no good. That which makes us a nation, a community of people who feel – that is crucial, to feel a common destiny and a common yesteryear. Neither the European Union, nor NATO, nor all the alliances in which Croatia can and should be a part of will change that,” said President Milanović, concluding that Croatia should be a loyal member of these alliances, but that it should above all look after its own interests.

Speaking at the ceremony that was held in the Croatian National Theatre in Zadar, apart from President Milanović, were the President of the Zadar City Council Marko Vučetić, Minister of Justice and Public Administration and delegate of the Prime Minister Ivan Malenica, and Mayor of Zadar Branko Dukić. Public recognitions and awards were also presented at the special session of the City Council to the most deserving individuals and organizations for their contribution to the city’s development.

The Head of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic Bartol Šimunić and Adviser to the President of the Republic for Human Rights and Civil Society Melita Mulić were alongside President Milanović.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Filip Glas