President Milanović Meets with Delegation of Federation of Societies of Croatia “Naša djeca”

20. November 2020.

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović received a delegation of the Federation of Societies of Croatia “Naša djeca” (Our Children) on the occasion of their 70th anniversay and World Children’s Day observed on 20th November each year because on this day in 1989 the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted.

Representatives of the Federation presented to President Milanović the sphere of activity of “Naša djeca” societies of Croatia, the largest and oldest umbrella association for children, which includes 100 elementary “Naša djeca” societies from the entire territory of Croatia. They underlined that approximately 10,000 children participate in programmes of “Naša djeca” societies on an annual basis including some 4,000 volunteers. The President of the Republic endorsed the activities of the Federation of Societies of Croatia “Naša djeca” and paid tribute to them through his patronage over the 70th anniversary.

Since its foundation, the Federation has continually worked on a broad social area of concern and care for children and has always adjusted its activities to current children’s needs. As the Federation’s key contribution to children and society they noted the launching of a contemporary system of preschool education, the launching of a programme for extracurricular activities, the first programme of parental support in the upbringing of children, the introduction of a concept of organized summer holidays for children, assistance to children during the Homeland war. They particularly boast of their contribution to the development and promotion of children’s rights in Croatia through the “Cities and Municipalities – Friends of Children” programmes.

The president of the Federation of Societies “Naša djeca” Aida Salihagić Kadić talked about the Society’s future plans noting that it is necessary to respond to new challenges and needs of children and parents in the 21st century, who face climate change, digital society, increases in addictions, modern health conditions such as obesity, preservation of health and healthy lifestyles. She also informed President Milanović of the initiative to open a heritage interpretation centre of the Federation for which they are still seeking adequate facilities. It is a museological concept of a centre in which the material and spiritual heritage of the Federation would be preserved and presented.

Attending the meeting with President Milanović in addition to the president of the Federation of Societies of Croatia “Naša djeca” Aida Salihagić Kadić were the Federation vice-president Sonja Borovčak, secretary-general Snježana Krpes, Management Board members Gordana Šoltić Siladi, Nikolina Ribarić, Katarina Milković, Jasenka Borovčak, Assembly member Višnja Biti as well as Manuela Kranjec and Ana Kolobarić from the specialist services of the Federation of Societies of Croatia “Naša djeca”.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Marko Beljan