President Milanović Meets with Delegation of “Hrvatski savez udruga za mentalno zdravlje”

30. November 2020.

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović received a delegation of the “Hrvatski savez udruga za mentalno zdravlje” (Croatian Federation of Associations of Mental Health). The meeting was held in order to present the initiative “12 i 5 za mentalno zdravlje” (5 past 12 for mental health), which the Federation has launched in order to adopt the 2020-2030 National Mental Health Strategy.

The president of the Croatian Federation of Associations of Mental Health and president of Ludruga Vlatko Ročić Petak acquainted President Milanović with the reasons why the initiative was launched, and cautioned that the adoption of the strategy is a precondition for ensuring optimal healthcare for persons suffering from mental health disorders. Besides the speedy introduction of the National Mental Health Strategy into Parliamentary procedure and its quickest implementation in practice, representatives of the Federation stressed the need to include Mobile Team and Peer Group Support Services in the community on the current list of psychosocial services funded by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund HZZO. Furthermore, they indicated the problem of finding means for ongoing programme and project funding of associations that provide mental health services in the community.

Associations that deal with mental health provide a number of services that are nonexistent or insufficient in the healthcare and social care system. It was underlined that their services, which are free of charge, are funded through projects, their sustainability is questionable and on the brink of survival, and cannot obtain funding for preserving jobs during the pandemic.

Besides the president of the “Hrvatski savez udruga za mentalno zdravlje” Vlatka Ročić Petak, attending the meeting were Ksenija Kapelj and Robert Janeš from Ludruga, Tin Pongrac and Marko Bakić from the “Udruga Životna linija”, Kristina Jandrić from the “Udruga Svitanje”, coordinator in the “Klub liječenih alkoholičara Zaprešić” Irena Rojnić Palavra, project manager of the “Udruga Koalicija” that is engaged in psychotrauma and for peace Vukovar Sandra Marić, Marina Vidović and Ivana Parčina from “Udruga Feniks Split”, president of  “Udruga Susret” and Federation secretary Radmila Stojanović Babić as well as the coordinator of inclusion of “Udruga Susret” Sabina Hotić Copetti.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Filip Glas