President Milanović Receives CROMA Annual Award Winners

11. June 2024.

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović received the leadership of the Croatian Managers’ and Entrepreneurs’ Association (CROMA) and the winners of HUM CROMA annual awards. The proclamation ceremony of the best business managers and entrepreneurs was held in February of this year under the auspices of the President of the Republic.

President Milanović congratulated all the HUM CROMA award winners, and in addition to the business results and successes of the awarded managers and entrepreneurs, the meeting in the Office of the President of the Republic also discussed the business climate and the state of the Croatian economy. Representatives of the Managers’ Association as well as the award recipients said that positive changes are perceptible in the Croatian economy, but they also pointed out problems that should be solved in order for entrepreneurs to do business even better. In doing so, for example, they emphasized the need to ensure a stable tax policy and more efficient public administration both at the national and local levels.

The Croatian Managers’ and Entrepreneurs’ Association CROMA is the first independent national professional association that has been working continuously for 30 years to enhance the public dignity of the managerial profession, entrepreneurial culture and overall management capacities of the Croatian economy. As an association of people, not companies, HUM CROMA wants to be a support for managers and entrepreneurs and a link for their better connection.

Attending the meeting with President Milanović besides Executive Board members of HUM CROMA – subregional director of DS Smith Packaging and president of CROMA Ana Soldo, principal manager of CROMA Jasminka Horvat Martinović, president of the Management of Bauwerk Group Croatia Igor Benaković, owner & director of Komunikacij laboratorij Manuela Šola and operations manager of CROMA Danijela Milić – were the 2023 annual award the winners:  manager of the year in the category of medium enterprises Anita Cvetić Orešćanin of Poslovna inteligencija, manager of the year in the category of small entreprises Iva Rogović Lekić of Marsh company, project manager of the year Dubravka Vrgoč of Projekt Open House Zagreb 2023, young manager of the year Teo Širola  of Metamorfoza company, winner of the “Tihomir Premužak“ award for positive social influence Kristijan Cinotti of Mazars Cinotti Audit, entrepreneur of the year Vjekoslav Majetić of DOK-ING, foreign manager of the year Huseyin Bahadir Bedir of Zagreb International Airport, manager of the year in the category of foreign enterprises Tomislav Cikač of PRO-KLIMA, lifetime achievement winner Gordana Kovačević of Ericsson Nikola Tesla and lifetime achievement winner Bogdan Tihava of Auto Hrvatska.

Alongside President Milanović was the Assistant Adviser to the President for the Economy Martina Ciglević.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Filip Glas