President Milanović Speaks with Representatives of Youth Associations

08. October 2020.

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović held a meeting with representatives of youth associations that are active in continental Croatia, the Association for the Promotion of Active Participation “Studio B” from Brod-Posavina County, the Croatian Youth Network, an alliance of national and local youth organizations in Croatia, the DrONe Association for Social Development and Non-Formal Education from Karlovac, the POINT Association from Križevci and the Association for Local Development “Turbina Promjena” from Karlovac.

The representatives of youth associations acquainted President Milanović with the challenges they face in working with young people in rural areas and presented research findings on young people in the local community, their needs and levels of active participation. They also informed the President about a project aimed at empowering young ‘movers’ of rural communities. Each of the associations presented their activities, such as promoting civic education, encouraging the use of informatics and new technologies and raising awareness about the environment.

The representatives believe that their efforts provide young people with the opportunity to prove themselves and attain life values, and that they can especially impact young people from rural areas. It was emphasized that it is important to involve young people in decision-making at all levels, and the representatives asked President Milanović for his support in their efforts to make young people’s opinions known to the public, in order to include their needs and initiatives in policies that affect their lives. Representatives of youth associations deem it necessary to change the usual patterns of behaviour in the civil sector as this would facilitate the work of their associations and yield better results.

President Milanović expressed his support to the activities of youth associations because social activism is the key to connecting and advancing the whole of society. He called on them to keep working hard on various projects and concepts and not give up in an endeavour in which the results do not come overnight.

The following individuals spoke to President Milanović about topics related to the position and problems of young people, and their empowerment in rural communities: the Association for the Promotion of Active Participation “Studio B” President Nikolina Jureković, member of the Executive Board Paolo Pelesk and members of the Association Valentina Stojaković, Magdalena Poljac and Mladen Jureković; President of the Governing Board of the Croatian Youth Network Josip Miličević; the DrONe Association for Social Development and Non-Formal Education President Branimira Penić, Director Igor Kuštreba and member Petra Foršek Koški; the POINT Association President Nikola Ostojčić and Vice-President Ivan Mušlek; members of the Association for Local Development “Turbina Promjena” Antonija Vučić and Dinko Đurić.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Dario Andrišek