President Milanović Supports Event of “Children for a Better World“ Association Marking International Good Deeds Day

05. April 2023.

In advance of International Good Deeds Day that will again this year be marked on 16 April, the President of the Republic Zoran Milanović received today a delegation of the “Children for a Better World” Association. The Association, as partner of the “Good Deeds Day” organization, is organizing a celebration of International Good Deeds Day in Croatia for the second consecutive year, which President Milanović endorsed today.

President of the Association Leo Petrov, Vice-President Sanja Šrknički Kršek and Secretary Vahida Osmić said that their Association encourages children from an early age to help others on a daily basis and learn to accept diversity, acquire new knowledge and develop their skills. Moreover, their goal is to teach children to act responsibly with nature, animals and the entire ecosystem, thereby creating a better and more beautiful world.

With today’s visit to the Office of the President of the Republic, the Association is launching this year’s event to mark International Good Deeds Day and at the same time is inviting as many Croatian citizens as possible to join in volunteering and helping others. To symbolically mark the start of the event, representatives of the “Children for a Better World” Association presented a t-shirt to President Milanović with the inscription “Činiti dobro” (Do a Good Deed). The Association wishes that this day will become a traditional event in Croatia to be marked every year with the participation of as many citizens as possible, especially children. Members of the Association who met with President Milanović were Lara Petrov, Vito Petrov, Lorena Josić, Adrian Josić and Filip Kršek, children who are already involved in events to help others.

Alongside President Milanović was the Adviser to the President for Human Rights and Civil Society Melita Mulić.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Ana Marija Katić