President Milanović Warns at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Day: No Development or Results without Investments

26. November 2021.

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović attended Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Day, and noted there is no development or results without sufficient investments.

“It is an honour for me to address the Croatian technical elite because this is a major study programme and discipline”, President Milanović stated, underlining that to study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing requires great talent too. “To be born without talent is a huge handicap in this field of work. We lawyers were always in awe of this Faculty. Girls and guys who attended this Faculty had the best grades in Zagreb schools and other schools in Croatia, including vocational schools. This is an area of talent. This talent was given strategic support and without that, there is nothing, so it is today”, President Milanović noted. He underlined that this is a tradition that requires state support, because “we cannot expect results if we don’t invest”.

He said that it is his duty to warn and to show by examples what should and can be done. “The cost of the fighter jets has increased since yesterday. One has to know how to do business and manage”, President Milanović stated, and mentioned smart phones as an example of good and targeted investments. In this sense, he stated that the US has developed all technologies and everything essential in the framework of the American defense budget. “We can and should learn a lesson from that, and give our maximum. STEM of which a lot has been said in the last years like a saviour is a tremendously important thing, but it’s not for everyone”, the President said.

“This is the most valuable school we have. This is a school in which generations of our people have rushed to from Dalmatia and other regions of Croatia. This is a school, an academy, a university that has elevated generations of Croatian people from poverty, darkness, ignorance, and prejudice, who completed University, and started to live a more quality life”, President Milanović said in concluding his address.

Also speaking at the ceremony marking Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Day were the Faculty dean Gordan Gledec, University of Zagreb rector Damir Boras, Mayor of Zagreb Tomislav Tomašević, and State Secretary of the Central State Office for Development of the Digital Society and envoy of the Prime Minister Bernard Gršić.

Alongside President Milanović were his Adviser for Education Jadranka Žarković, and his Special Adviser for Energy and Climate Julije Domac.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Filip Glas