Turudić gave a handwritten consent for a background check, why then does Plenković lie that he couldn’t request it?

09. February 2024.

The Office of the President of the Republic unmasked yesterday another disgrace of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković related to the appointment of Ivan Turudić as State Attorney-General – the fact that he did not request a background check for that suspicious and obscure (so-called) judge, even though for years he was synonymous with guardian of organized crime. Andrej Plenković thought he would shut everyone’s mouth and eyes in Croatia by hastily forcing Turudić to jump the queue for the post of State Attorney-General. But he shut the mouth and eyes of only a handful of yes-men in the Croatian Parliament, which he anyhow buys regularly with budget money as goods whose shelf life has expired.

Contrary to the claims of the liar Plenković, the President of the Republic has a constitutional duty to care for the regular and coordinated functioning and stability of the state government, and has a civil obligation to speak out and point out the dirty political and human insidious attacks of Andrej Plenković against the remaining free and independent state institutions. Especially when it concerns an institution that has unlimited power to prosecute, and that is now being left to the self-will of a proven lover of criminals.

Although the Prime Minister has mastered the Kardelj technology of communicating, this time he denounced himself as a liar. We are talking about the election process for the State Attorney-General and (not) carrying out a background check for a person of the likes of Ivan Turudić. Many times publicly, and on Tuesday too after a meeting with his coalition partners from the bottom shelf reserved for contaminated goods, Andrej Plenković said that “a background check had been requested for Turudić given the importance and significance of the post of State Attorney-General”.

Thus Plenković “sold” this suspect guy and upon bringing up his suspect activities, Plenković and his parrots defend him by repeating – but Turudić passed “the most rigorous background checks”. Evidently he misled his partners since they accepted to repeat these untruths.

After Turudić was confirmed in the Croatian Parliament – and thanks to the lie about the background check – a sudden reversal from the government. Then last night they claim that “in the election process of the State Attorney-General a background check of candidates is not prescribed therefore the government could not even request one”. Of course, the lying Plenković again says that the government couldn’t request a background check, and definitely could have in accordance with the Law on Background Checks and on account of the fact that all candidates for State Attorney-General – including Turudić – must have given a handwritten consent for a background check.

In the public call for submission of applications for appointment to the position of State Attorney-General of the Republic of Croatia published by the State Attorney’s Council on 21 November 2023, it reads: “A candidate for the State Attorney-General of the Republic of Croatia who, at the time of application, is not performing the duties of state attorney at the time of application, should attach to the application a handwritten consent to conduct a background check”! 

Why then on the eve of the voting in the Croatian Parliament did Plenković lie that he had requested a background check of Turudić? Simply because it was clear even to him: had now, and we emphasize now, a background check been requested and done, it would have revealed all the facts about his connections with organized crime and especially with the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ). That is why Plenković used, and in fact abused the institute of background checks by convincing the public that Turudić had had a background check as a candidate for State Attorney-General.

In order to cover up their slander and divert attention from their lies, the government yesterday insinuated again about “the President of the Republic socializing with Dragan Kovačević who in 2020 was under surveillance measures”. There is no similarity there and can’t be with what Turudić as a judge did when riding at night with Zdravko Mamić and talking about the latter’s court case (which even Turudić admitted now) or Turudić’s obscure correspondence with suspect Josipa Rimac.

Two days ago the President of the Republic public called on Plenković and his ventriloquists to explain their insinuations, and now is calling on them again. Although it is clear that those insinuations are ordinary lies, and by insisting on them proves that the liar Plenković is an ominous threat to the Croatian state and democracy, which has now been proven with the instalment of the lover of criminals Turudić in the State Attorney’s Office.