President Milanović Discusses Challenges of Croatian Healthcare with Croatian Medical Association Leadership

11. February 2021.

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović received a delegation of the Croatian Medical Association, the professional umbrella organization of doctors of medicine and doctors of dental medicine. At the meeting with President Milanović were the president of the Croatian Medical Association Prof. Željko Krznarić, PhD, the first vice-president of the Croatian Medical Association Prof. Boris Brkljačić, PhD, and the secretary-general Prof.  Adriana Vince, PhD.

The representatives of the Croatian Medical Association acquainted President Milanović with the activities of their volunteer association, which numbers more than 10,500 members who are all volunteers. The meeting addressed current healthcare challenges in Croatia, including in the first place the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccination of the residents. The members of the CMA leadership related to President Milanović their professional experiences and their views concerning the fight against COVID-19.

They also discussed the economic migrations of healthcare workers and their status as well as new scientific breakthroughs in their profession. The CMA comprises 26 municipal branch offices and 160 professional societies that cover a broad spectrum of medical specialties, each year organizes hundreds of professional educational seminars, and participates in healthcare administration and executive bodies. The meeting was held on the eve of National Doctors’ Day, which is marked on 26th February, the day the CMA was founded in 1874.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Marko Beljan