President Milanović Endorses Call by “Croatia Against Cancer” Initiative for Adoption of National Strategic Framework Against Cancer

12. November 2020.

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović spoke with representatives of the “Croatia Against Cancer” initiative, which consists of associations of cancer patients that the President invited to his Office to learn about the reasons behind the launch of the initiative and about the problems cancer patients face.

Representatives of the “Croatia Against Cancer” initiative explained that Croatia is the only EU Member State that still does not have a strategy to fight cancer and they pointed out to President Milanović the need for the urgent adoption of the National Strategic Framework Against Cancer. In order to improve treatment outcomes and ensure the rights of patients guaranteed by the Constitution, the National Strategic Framework Against Cancer would provide a model of a genuine and much-needed health care reform that Croatia already should have implemented, it was mentioned at the meeting. Representatives of the initiative emphasized that by adopting the strategic document, Croatia would at last be able to absorb EU funds intended for the fight against cancer, which is currently not possible.

After holding talks with representatives of the initiative and hearing their arguments, President Milanović expressed his support to the call by the “Croatia Against Cancer” initiative for the adoption of the National Strategic Framework Against Cancer as soon as possible.

The following individuals attended the meeting with the President of the Republic: Executive Director of the association for providing help to children and families “Krijesnice” Mirela Stanić Popović; President of the association of women who were afflicted and treated for cancer “Nismo same” Ivana Kalogjera Brkić; President of the association “Europa Donna Hrvatska” Dr. Vesna Ramljak; President of the association CRO-ILCO Zagreb and alliance of ILCO associations of Croatia Marija Banjad; President of the Croatian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society (HULL) Dražen Vincek; President of the association Friends of Hospice and the Croatian Society of Prostate Cancer Patients Dr. Egidio Ćepulić; Secretary General of the association of women who were afflicted and treated for cancer “SVE za NJU” Ljiljana Vukota.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Marko Beljan