President Milanović Receives Delegation of “SVE za NJU”, Association of Women Suffering from and Treated for Cancer

23. March 2023.

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović received today a delegation from the “SVE za NJU” Association of Women Suffering from and Treated for Cancer on the occasion of its 15th anniversary. “SVE za NJU” was founded in March 2008 as a volunteer, humanitarian, non-government and non-profit organization of women who suffer from and have been treated for breast cancer, their families and friends.

In presenting the activities of the “SVE za NJU” Association, the members told President Milanović that they provide psychosocial, information and logistical support to women who suffer from any type of cancer, and that members of their families and friends can turn to them for assistance. As one of their major activities, they highlight psychosocial help provided by psychotherapists as external associates. Today the Association cooperates with ten psychotherapists and twenty physicians. They added that independently and in conjunction with other organizations and institutions they design and carry out preventive and educational projects and healthcare campaigns.

As an Association that covers the entire territory of Croatia, they provide assistance and support to some 500 women suffering from cancer. In the period since its foundation to this day, the Association has achieved excellent cooperation with institutions, particularly in healthcare, which is especially important so that they can always have or obtain accurate information needed by the women who turn to them. In campaigns of prevention cooperation is achieved with other civil society organizations, professional societies and institutions and various business partners.

In their discussion with President Milanović, the Association representatives indicated the problems they encounter, one of the major ones being that many women who suffer from cancer get fired on account of their disease and end up jobless, which they deem unacceptable.

The delegation of the “SVE za NJU” Association of Women Suffering from and Treated for Cancer included secretary-general Ljiljana Vukota, Management Board members Nika Lazić, Petra Levak, Ivona Došen and Silvana Planinić, coordinator Gordana Heidler, project manager Nikolina Jurković, psychologist Maja Erceg Tušek, and patient representative Kristina Varsamopulos.

Alongside President Milanović was the Adviser to the President for Education Jadranka Žarković.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Tomislav Bušljeta