President Milanović to Decorate Four HVO Guard Brigades and Army Police Unit That Participated in Operation Storm

30. July 2020.

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović attended the opening of the Technology Business Incubator of Krapina-Zagorje County in the town of Krapina, in which 32.3 million kunas were invested.

In his statements to the press after the opening ceremony, President Milanović said the following to conclude his recent row with the Prime Minister: “I did not communicate on the personal level; I pointed out the problem several times and the Prime Minister responded twice in the course of one day, and what he said was not constructive. For me, this is over for now, but the problem remains – the problem of incompatibility between the activities of the para-crisis management team and the constitutional order of the Republic of Croatia. Turning our heads away from the problem will not change this fact. We have a problem, we have to solve it and we will continue to function as an organized state.”

President Milanović confirmed that at the forthcoming ceremonies marking the 25th anniversary of Operation Storm he will decorate four Croatian Defence Council (HVO) guard brigades and an army police unit that participated in the Operation. “During Operation Storm, they were under the command of our (Croatian Army) general, in compliance with the Split Agreement. In that period they were part of our assault troops, our army, and not before that,” President Milanović said, explaining his decision.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Filip Glas