President Milanović Tours Traditional “Easter Customs of the Gradec Region“ Event in Gradec

01. April 2024.

The President of the Republic attended today the “Easter customs of the Gradec region” event traditionally marked on Easter Monday in Gradec. The most popular attraction of the event is the burning of the Easter bonfire “Vuzmica” in the courtyard of the Parish Church of the Wounded Jesus in Gradec.

The custom of lighting the Easter bonfire, the so-called “vuzmica” or “vuzmenka”, has been widespread in northwestern Croatia since ancient times, and it is assumed that it originated in Central European countries. The bonfire itself is prepared by sticking four tall posts into the ground between which logs, branches and leaves are stacked. The Easter fire has a ritual function of protecting against evil forces, beings and curses.

After lighting the “Vuzmica”, President Milanović accompanied by his hosts the head of the Municipality of Gradec Ljubica Ambrušec, the president of the Municipal Council Gordana Ivačin, the vice-president of the Municipal Council Valentina Banovac, and Municipal Councillor Danijel Tkalec toured the exhibitors at the “Easter customs of the Gradec region” event. The President toured the stands which featured handicrafts and works of the pupils of Gradec Elementary School, and old-fashioned homemade food and pastries prepared by the women’s associations and local councils of the Gradec region.

Alongside President Milanović was the Adviser to the President for Human Rights and Civil Society.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Filip Glas