President of the Republic Attends Marking of Samobor Municipal Day

17. October 2020.


On the occasion of Samobor Municipal Day, the President of the Republic Zoran Milanović attended a formal session of the Samobor City Council. Congratulating the residents of Samobor Municipal Day, the President said that Samobor is the best city to live in. “Zagreb is a category in itself,” he said, adding that one of the factors that Samobor took advantage of the most was its proximity to Zagreb. “There are beautiful cities, smaller towns in Croatia to live in, but Samobor stands out and has always stood out in some way. Perhaps it stands out even more now,” he said.

“We live in strange times, which we should not call the new normal,” said President Milanović in his address at the formal session of the Samobor City Council. “This will also pass, this pandemic will end and we’ll be back to square one, where we were earlier. The progress of us all, of almost every city and country in Europe has either been halted or reversed and we are starting out from where we were before,” said the President, emphasizing, however, that the point at which Croatia was before the pandemic wasn’t satisfactory.

President Milanović added that we should not despair about anything, including the tragic events that occurred a few days ago in Zagreb. “In this situation, we should not be blaming each other and pointing fingers. Instead, we really should be more unified than usual in identifying where the problems exist, what pushes people, young people, to take up arms and do what the (young man) did a few days ago – we should not threaten with arrests or punishment, or act like we’re doing something, but instead work and realize that we have a problem, which may not be as terrible as it seems,” said the President.

“Dear friends, dear Krešo, dear associates – thank you once again for the nice cooperation and a beautiful part of life that I spent with some of you in Samobor, in Croatian politics and the Croatian Parliament, and I wish you good health,” said the President, telling everyone to take care of themselves. As a result of the present situation, he expressed the hope that “no one would get stuck in hospital because hospitals are doing everything except for what they perhaps should be doing – taking care of people who are truly ill, who are arriving ill and are receiving a significantly poorer service than they would normally receive, because of the regimen under which we live. This has been going on for a very long time. Therefore, stay healthy, may the heavens protect you, but take care of yourself as well,” President Milanović concluded in his address.

PHOTO: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia / Tomislav Bušljeta